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New features on the iPhone 5S – What To Expect

If you happen to be a die hard iPhone user and you are already getting a little tired of version 5, have no fear, the 5S should be just around the corner. The popularity that this phone manufacturer has managed to garnish during the 6 years since its inception is rivaled by few. The elegance and durability that it carries, along with the Apple name, continues to progress and with the version 5S, new features come to bear.

More of the same

Many iPhone users were hoping that the 5S version will come with a larger screen, especially those with challenging vision. For those looking for a change in size, they are expected to be met with the same 4” screen from the previous version. Users should be aware, that bigger screen sizes are currently being tested.

More pictures

Cellphones, especially Smartphones are increasingly being used to grab photographs and video as they occur, which is why a better quality camera will always be a draw to potential buyers. The iPhone 5S is expected to tap into that market as it will not only have a 12-megapixel camera, but is also said to have slow motion video capabilities, a feature that will definitely improve picture quality and variety.

More Choices

Smartphones are supposed to be our window to the world, whether it is communications through phone calls, SMS, or the Internet. The previous versions of apple’s number one seller came in black and white, the 5S version is expected to include a gold version, which might actually go with something else in our wardrobe.

More Space

If you have ever received that pesky message when trying to download another favorite video, app or song, you might appreciate a little more room on your device. In their never ending quest to attract more potential customers, the apple 5S is expected to increase its storage capacity to a whopping 128GB. This extra space will now facilitate your entire music library, and could also make room for that extra movie to help you pass the time in the airport.

More Apple

Your appreciation for the operating systems on the iPhone has not gone unnoticed, but now it is expected to get better with the IOS7. As you ready yourself to enter the control center, the Airdrop or the WiFi networking options, you should remember that this is the iPhone, which simply means that it only gets better with age.

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